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Real-time, location specific, risk and threat information directly to your vessel through an easy to use graphic interface.

The Future of Maritime Risk Management is Now!

  • ARMS provides real-time risk and threat information that is location specific to large yachts through an easy to use graphic user interface. When a large yacht receives an alert their specific response protocols are integrated into the alert. Vessels can also report risk through a secure portal so now information can be shared across all types of vessel types (large yachts, cargo lines, and cruise ships).

  • The key to the ARMS platform is IMSA’s Global Intelligence, Information and Communication Center (G-12C). Within this state of the art facility, highly experienced personnel gather, correlate, validate, and disseminate real time intelligence to vessel crews 24/7. Vessels also have the benefit of a single number to call anytime for any type of emergency, and an immediate SOS alert button on the main user interface.