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Chart Correction

At Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services we have a full time staff of in-house chart correctors who have been expertly trained to correct your British Admiralty charts. Our correction process has been audited and certified by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office so you can be assured your corrections will be done accurately and have met the highest standards. We do not ship your charts off to a third party to be corrected.

Our process is two steps, whereby the charts are first analyzed and then an estimate is provided so you can budget accordingly. Once you approve the correction quote, the charts are corrected and old editions and cancelled charts are replaced. A full report of every chart corrected is included with your folios along with a detail of what corrections were applied. Finally, each chart is stamped to indicate the week they were corrected.

So whether you need your off-season charts analyzed and corrected or just don’t have time to do it yourself, let Bluewater’s Superyacht Bridge Services expert team handle it for you. The process is fast, efficient, cost effective and saves you time!