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Telemar: A Marlink Group Company

Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services and Telemar: A Marlink Group Company, have teamed up to deliver a total solution for all your marine technology needs offering a one-stop source for hardware, software, data, communications, installation and support.

Telemar’s U.S. based office can be found within Bluewater Books & Charts.


IMSA | International Maritime Security Associates

IMSA™ is a client centered, veteran owned, global risk management, technology and consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service through the use of the best trained professionals and the most up to date technology solutions to cost-effectively mitigate each client’s risks and regulatory compliance. Our flagship software platform ARMS (Automated Risk Management Solution); provides real-time, geographically relevant, risk and threat information to vessels at sea while integrating the vessel’s specific response protocols.

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MSOS | Medical Support Offshore

Medical Support Offshore (MSOS) is a worldwide provider of Specialty Medical Kits, Advanced Medical Training and Telemedicine support to the yachting community including Superyachts, Yacht Racing teams, Long Distance Cruisers, Sportfish, Expeditions and adventurous individuals. Medical kits meet all regulatory Category A, B & C requirements needed for certified vessels.

MSOS first partnered with Bluewater Bridge Services in 2016 and can support customers from their three offices. The offices are located in the Bluewater showroom in Fort Lauderdale, the United Kingdom and Palma, Majorca.

Marine Press

Marine Press is an e-Navigation solutions company and pioneer in bringing digitalization to the marine industry. They are now aggressively developing a more advanced generation of marine navigation related products for our customers. Today, with more than 25 years of marine experience, our innovative solutions extend to the fully-integrated SeaOps and SeaPassage e-Navigation platforms, and our Pay As You Sail service. Marine Press has recently announced a partnership with Ocean Guardian that brings better environmental regulations management directly in our navigation and compliance products.



Inmarsat has grown since 1979 into the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications for the maritime industry. Bluewater and Inmarsat are teaming up to bring the most sophisticated satellite services to the Superyacht and leisure boater industry. This groundbreaking partnership is primed to revolutionize offshore communication for mariners in the efforts to keep you safe and connected.


Zeidel & Co Yachting Essentials

Zeidel & Co Yachting Essentials has opened a new showroom within the Bluewater Books & Charts Fort Lauderdale store. For over 100 years Zeidel’s has crafted the finest nautical apparel to grace the five oceans and you can now purchase the same quality and old-world craftsmanship you have come to expect in this new showroom.