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Centralized Updating

SeaPassage’s dashboard gives vessel operators a quick view of the status of all subscribed products. A single update process updates all subscribed products in one operation.

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Pay As You Sale (PAYS)

Route based chart ordering system to ensure you only pay for the ENC’s you require.

  • Unlimited worldwide coverage

  • Increase productivity on the bridge

  • Complimentary Hardware

  • 24/7 Support


SeaPassage by Marine Press

Simplify your back-of-bridge navigation

SeaPassage is an integrated software platform that simplifies back-of-bridge operations while providing full transparency to the staff ashore. Monitor the status of UKHO digital subscriptions and Digitrace in a single platform. Create routes, order new coverage and update existing subscriptions with a few clicks.

One interface, three step process:

Step 1: SeaPassage’s route-based ordering reduces the time needed to order all the products needed for a voyage. An intuitive route management and creation tool makes it easy to map the passage itinerary.

Step 2: Clicking the route-to-basket button will identify the missing subscriptions required for the voyage and add them to the ordering basket.

Step 3: The new permit is ready automatically once the order is sent. A simple update will provide all new subscription content instantly.

Total Bridge Solution Charts
with SeaPassage & Digitrace

Order new coverage & update existing subscriptions in one interface

  • Route based ordering and updating

  • Monitor Digital UKHO and Digitrace subscriptions

  • Weekly update services via direct download (ENC, ADP, AENP, AIO, and Digitrace)

  • BA NTM Weekly Updates

  • Import / export functions using RTZ format (Import route from ECDIS)

  • Instant subscription renewal & ordering

  • Compliance Reports